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Software and Services
Using advanced mathematics coupled with specialized software engineering skills, Optricity provides unique supply chain optimization solutions. Our solutions benefit organizations that want to target high payback by optimizing across and within multiple functional areas such as WMS, TMS, OMS, ERP, etc.
For example, within WMS there is a need to optimize the placement of items in the pickline in order to minimize selection and replenishment cost. WMS solutions to this need are weak, which is why we created the OptiSlot DC™ system. There are plenty of other optimization opportunities across and within all supply chain support systems. Furthermore, Optricity engines integrate fully with existing SC planning, management, and execution systems.
One of the key differentiators behind our solutions is the toolkit of mathematical techniques we employ. We believe that 80% of supply chain opportunities can be solved using a prudent combination of the following set of core functions: Routing, Assignment, Sequencing, Scheduling, and Queuing (RASSQ™). Our internal RASSQ optimization engines consist of these and other functions and typically provide the basis for our supply chain optimization solutions. Coupled with decades of domain experience, our RASSQ technology enables us to develop useful custom optimization solutions where other techniques fail.
Additionally, in a typical supply chain optimization opportunity, conflicting goals and constraints exist. For example, one might want to minimize the length of a pick path while at the same time group product based on certain characteristics like retail store layout, flammables, toxics, etc. In Transportation, an example would be the desire to minimize total transportation costs while still providing a high level of customer service. Our RASSQ technology combined with the use of advanced combinatorial mathematics enables us to optimize, even with competing goals and constraints. And our optimization applications allow the user to make prudent trade-offs among the competing goals and constraints.

To better understand Juncture Optimization, take a look at how supply chain systems have evolved and where Juncture Optimization fits

Optricity has determined that many opportunities for optimization applications lie where one or more existing applications meet. It is at this juncture where the weaknesses exist, perhaps simply because the developers of supply chain applications typically do a great job within their application or function, but without considering the implications of their solution results to other supply chain functions. Using a transportation / WMS example, dynamic routing systems try to minimize transportation costs, perhaps without regard to the affect on order selection productivity, which in many cases will degrade where dynamic routing is employed. Optimization techniques can be employed to generate a more globally optimal solution across the juncture of routing and selection activities.
For those organizations looking for the next competitive advantage, Juncture Optimization™ produces optimal solutions where two or more functions meet. Filling the cracks with optimized results drives improved performance and creates a supercharged supply chain.