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Welcome to Optricity

Supercharge your Supply Chain with Juncture Optimization™ 

Optricity, an optimization technology company specializing in Supply Chain, builds best of breed software, that solves complex supply chain optimization problems and helps companies minimize costs where competing goals and constraints come together. OptiSlot DC™, a slotting optimization tool, is just one example of Optricity's best of breed software solutions that improves efficiency and cuts customer costs. Optricity identifies and analyzes junction points, including systems, functions, data, and people, and applies advanced tools to improve return on supply chain infrastructure. In combination with our partners, Optricity smart engines power unique Juncture Optimization™ solutions designed to extract costs from and add value to a customer's supply chain. Now that supply chain data collection and reporting functions are robust and mature, it's time to advance to the next level. The smart engines designed and built by Optricity overlay with existing technology to take predictive decision making to the next level. By focusing on the ripest opportunities - usually a juncture within the supply chain where one function meets another – we utilize advanced mathematics coupled with specialized software engineering techniques to calculate and produce the most optimal solution set to improve decision-making. And using our RASSQ™ technology to analyze routing, assignment, sequencing, scheduling, and queuing, we develop custom solutions to optimization problems that are not easily solved – or solved well – using other methods.Optricity currently offers several best of breed applications, including OptiSlot DC™ and OptiProfile™, and advanced new products are under development. If your company has standardized on WMS, TMS, Supply Chain Execution or Planning software, Optricity solutions integrate seamlessly to enhance your ROI. We invite you to explore our product offerings to see how our solutions can solve your supply chain optimization challenges. 


In an environment where customers demand the right product, in the right place, at the right time, distribution centers must work hard to meet and exceed these expectations. An optimally slotted warehouse supports efficient putaway, picking, and pallet building; reduces product damage; and increases customer satisfaction.

Like most organizations, you may find it difficult to deal with the myriad of slotting issues, which have become too complex for guesswork, paper-based calculations, spreadsheets, and outdated slotting methodologies. Now you can take the guesswork out of your slotting initiatives. By providing rapid and easy to perform multiple “what-if” slotting scenarios, OptiSlot DC™ allows you to compare operational goal achievement and financial return for each scenario. After comparing the results, you can select the optimal slot strategy to execute.

Proper slotting balances, or optimizes, the assignment of a pick location for each SKU based on unique product attributes, the physical characteristics of the distribution center, and the organization's operational goals. All of these factors must be balanced to achieve the optimal slotting solution.

OptiSlot DC addresses the complexities of slotting by utilizing advanced mathematical algorithms which consider a product's dimensions like weight and velocity, physical characteristics of your environment including slot configurations, pick path and material handling equipment, and operational goals like pallet building, seasonality requirements and retail groupings.

As a result of implementing advanced slotting technology, your operations benefit from

Before and after Optimization: Using OptiSlot DC to optimize warehouse slotting with a user-defined slotting strategy yields a 95% score improvement in the example above.

reduced labor expenses, improved order fulfillment cycle time, a reduction in partial order shipments, and improved space utilization.
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