"Increase Performance Using the Five 'P's in Your Slotting Universe"

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  5. Food Logistics recognizes Optricity in FL100 for Technology Contributions to Food and Beverage Industry


Case Studies

Grocery Distribution Case Study: Smart & Final Stores, LLC



This case study illustrates how Smart & Final used OptiSlot DC™, Optricity's best of breed slotting technology software, which utilizes combinatorial mathematics to produce purely deterministic optimal slotting solutions for dynamic warehousing environments, to complete a reslot that improved productivity in the DC, yielded significant labor savings at stores, and boosted associate morale.



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Leather Goods and Accessories Case Study



Using OptiSlot DC™, Tandy completed an optimization project that yielded precise end customer product grouping, sweet zone slotting within each end customer product group, and reduction in replenishment frequency. Additionally, enhanced capacity utilization reduced Tandy’s expected slot consumption, thereby freeing up slots for use by other product groups and other end customers. Download the case study to read more about the details of this project..



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