2. Inbound Logistics Magazine recognizes Optricity in Top 100 Logistics IT Providers



  3. Optricity Named to Top 100 Logistics IT Providers



  4. Supply & Demand Chain Executive selects Optricity for its SDCE 100 Great Supply Chain Projects



  5. Warehousing Education and Research Council Announces 2015-2016 Board President, Sheila Benny



Supply & Demand Chain Executive Article: Playing the Slots: How to Determine a Winning Strategy

In this article featured in the June 2015 issue of Supply & Demand Chain Executive, Dan Basmajian, President and CEO of Optricity, notes the importance of planning and what steps go into achieve good slotting. Read this article to learn more about the various benefits of optimized slotting.

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Inbound Logistics Magazine’s Top 100 Logistics IT Providers & Market Research Survey

In this market research survey featured in Inbound Logistics April 2015 issue, Joseph O’Reilly reveals the Top 100 Logistics IT Providers. This article explores the key elements that drive decision makers when choosing providers, noting the latest logistics technology trends and the evolution of solutions.

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Profiling vs. Slotting 

In this article, thought leader Dan Basmajian examines the difference between two important, yet different, warehouse optimization techniques: slotting and profiling. Basmajian not only defines the differences between slotting and profiling, but he also expounds upon the benefits that each can provide in the DC. Furthermore, the article provides helpful guidelines for determining which situations require profiling, and which require slotting.

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Distribution Center Management Article: Balancing the DC's goals and

constraints helps optimize slotting

In the article, "Balancing the DC's goals and constraints helps optimize slotting, " featured in the January 2010 issue of Distribution Center Management, Optricity President and CEO Dan Basmajian discusses the dynamic nature of the distribution center and the importance of a good slotting strategy, which can elicit a number of improvements affecting space utilization, ergonomics, and reduced travel time and labor costs. To help improve slotting, Basmajian recommends using software to balance rules and constraints and to calculate the cost of moving product, and he offers several tips for improving an operation's slotting strategy.

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Thought Leadership Article: Slotting in the Dynamic Distribution Center

In the fast-moving environment of today’s dynamic distribution center, the rapidly evolving nature  of demand throughout a product’s lifecycle – from new product introduction through product phase-out – creates the classic challenge of determining best pick slot(s) to assign to an item. The stakes are high, as resource constraints put a premium on the ability to get the latest hot product in and out of the DC and on the way to the consumer as quickly and efficiently as possible. By tracking periodic movement and continuously evaluating not only whether an item is correctly profiled into the correct slot type, but also whether the assigned pick slot is in the proper sequence in the pick line, a new generation of advance slotting software offers the promise of responding more quickly – and profitably – to rapid swings in product demand.

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