2. Inbound Logistics Magazine recognizes Optricity in Top 100 Logistics IT Providers



  3. Optricity Named to Top 100 Logistics IT Providers



  4. Supply & Demand Chain Executive selects Optricity for its SDCE 100 Great Supply Chain Projects



  5. Warehousing Education and Research Council Announces 2015-2016 Board President, Sheila Benny



About Optricity

Optricity offers mathematically advanced, optimization engines to enhance return on supply chain investment. Capitalizing on leading web technologies, improved computing algorithms and analysis techniques, Optricity tools integrate with current supply chain staples. We plan to use optimization techniques to solve supply chain problems that are not addressed by the mainstream systems such as OMS, WMS, TMS and ERP. We have coined the term ‘Juncture Optimization’ to describe our positioning ‘in the cracks’ between mainstream systems, where visibility applications may reside but where there is no use of optimization techniques to achieve a more globally optimal solution to SC problems.

To address challenges at the junctures, we have assembled a toolset of optimization modules that are ready to be customized to solve SC problems. As opposed to those who provide standard toolkits or systems, we modify the math to fit the problem rather than modify the problem to fit the math. When we run across common SC problems that will benefit from the use of optimization techniques, we will put together a standard system, like our OptiSlot slotting solution. It is also our position to steer clear of any applications that have been solved well, so we do not plan to compete with many of the SC solution providers or integrators. In fact, we’ll most likely partner with some of them to fill in the cracks.

If a software solution already exists, works efficiently, and cost effectively, we will recommend taking that path. In fact, we’ll suggest you buy off the shelf; albeit, a good deal of customization is usually required for those systems to be implemented and work effectively. Alternatively, if an optimization issue is at hand and it’s a tough problem to solve, a problem that crosses traditional boundaries and would benefit from higher order math and programming skills that are rooted in a supply chain experience set, we want to tackle it.

Our niche, to apply advanced mathematical techniques to supply chain problems at specific junctures, provides a continuous improvement path toward overall supply chain optimization. In combination with partners and services, Optricity smart engines provide unique Juncture Optimization solutions to supercharge the supply chain.


WERC Corporate Member

NCTA Corporate Member